by conect2022mtd


From our desire to build a healthy and equitable economic ecosystem, was born on July 11th, 2011 our organization: the Confederation of Citizen Enterprises of Tunisia.
The respect of the law, good governance and the sense of social and environmental responsibility are the pillars of the business climate that my partners and I had dreamed of.
CONECT as an employers’ union, gathers economic operators committed to the sustainability and development of the Tunisian SME in a citizen spirit,
The current socio-economic situation represents a challenge that the CONECT does not hesitate to take up and we are involved in the proposal of issues of entrepreneurial, economic and socio-economic.
It is obvious that the responsibility of the Tunisian company cannot be limited nowadays to the economic and financial part but must include other aspects of social, societal and environmental order.
From now on, it is citizen and innovative companies at the technological level that will be able to meet the requirements of the situation and take up the major challenges facing the country.
The vision of CONECT and its perception of the priorities animate since its creation its actions and projects.
We, also, have faith in the Tunisian youth and its potential, hence the involvement of CONECT in the training of young people, especially by accustoming them to professional life within the company, hence the creation of CONECT’EE. Our partnership with the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment is also in this direction.
This same faith which animates us is also at the origin of our involvement in the student environment and numerous collaborations with the ministries of education, as well as of higher education and scientific research in Tunisia.
With the great success of the program of establishment of our regional and sectoral structures that now cover most regions and sectors and the development of a large and powerful national and international network of contacts, CONECT has assumed fully and effectively since its inception the economic and social role assigned to it and has continued to contribute to the development of Tunisian businesses and their prosperity.
At the level of international cooperation and partnership, CONECT has distinguished itself since its inception by the relevance of its targeted initiatives and the organization of missions and meetings between economic operators, namely missions organized in Africa, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali, Chad, Niger, Libya, etc.
Since the creation of its structure CONECT International in 2017, CONECT has targeted new directions for its business missions such as Algeria, Russia, China, Sweden and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Through these actions, and through CONECT International, CONECT aims to contribute to the consolidation of the relations of Tunisia with its traditional partners including the European Union and the Maghreb countries and to open up new horizons by diversifying cooperation relations by moving towards other countries and markets in Africa, the Arab world, and even Asia.
Thus, as a responsible and civic organization, CONECT does not stop working to develop a sustainable and equitable partnership for the benefit of all parties concerned.