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Executive Office

Chaabani Mohsen


Ben Haj Yahia Nazih

1st Vice President

Benrabah Sadok

2nd Vice President

Ben Abdelmalek Nabila


Zahag Walid


Ben Ahmed Narjes


Jaziri Abdallah


Mlayah Boubaker


Mokhtar Rassil


Gabsi Saber


Presentation of the GP

A presentation of our GPAI

Reporting to CONECT, the Professional Group of Real Estate Agencies (GPAI) was created in Tunis in 2021 by several real estate leaders in Tunisia. The GPAI brings together real estate agencies with an authorization issued by the Ministry of Commerce and operating legally. The GPAI works for a better organization of the activities of real estate professionals and for the development and securing of real estate transactions in Tunisia in order to preserve the interests of real estate agencies and customers.

Missions and Objectives

The Professional Group of Real Estate Agencies has set itself the task of uniting real estate professionals around the development of a serene future for agency activities.

  • Build and display the identity of the real estate agent profession. Expand local and regional representation as much as possible so that all members benefit from the advantages offered by the group.

  • Establish a quality label, a guarantee of seriousness and excellent services for customers.

  • Welcoming members and offering them a place to meet and reunite with colleagues.

  • Organize training meetings offering opportunities for exchanges and appropriation of professional practices in line with the growing demands of customers.

  • Create an information platform to keep members informed of legal and commercial developments in relation to the real estate sector.






  • Legal assistance: offer our members all kinds of clarifications in relation to laws, regulations and case law relating to real estate.

  • Continuing education: supporting members to consolidate and develop their real estate skills and knowledge.

  • Financial guarantee: offer our members CPR at rates negotiated with our partners to carry out your activities with complete peace of mind.

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