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31 sustainable entrepreneurs joined the coaching workshops in Tunisia

by webmasterconect

22 ideation-stage entrepreneurs and 9 more sustainable innovators in Tunisia have joined the one-to-one coaching workshops delivered by the partner of GIMED project in the country, The Confederation of Citizen Enterprises in Tunisia (CONET). The selected start-ups belong to a huge range of fields such as organic agriculture, sustainable waste management, renewable energies, sustainable tourism, organic textile, eco-sustainable construction or biological cosmetics production.

Participants who will complete this training in the next months will participate in a competition with a chance to win 7.500€ grants to support their business development. The training is provided by GIMED, the EU-funded project under the ENI CBC Med Program. By the end of April, around 4 entrepreneurs will have access to a capacity-building training to help them develop their ideas and build a green business plan. GIMED will assist them in gaining essential information and skills, as well as assisting them in locating private financial resources.

This new phase will begin with a 10-day-long training session that will assess and design sustainable business models from a social and environmental standpoint, as well as provide market access. The most promising ideas will be chosen to participate, then, in group and one-to-one coaching sessions at the end of the training.

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