About the project:

The development of a green economy in the Mediterranean area to combat environmental degradation represents a pool of jobs for young diplômé.es and women. Strengthening eco-innovative entrepreneurship is a recognized solution, even if green companies face a set of challenges complexes, In particular, limited access to finance, markets that are still underdeveloped and fragmented support for players in the sector. GIMED aims to support the development of eco-innovative companies in order to create jobs and stimulate the green and circular economy in the Mediterranean. The project will set up a « Green Entrepreneurship Standard » supported by the United Nations that standardises the support tools needed to create profitable businesses and award them a quality label to improve their access to finance and markets. On the ground, the project will train eco-innovators and encourage financial institutions to invest in the eco-innovation sector in the Mediterranean.


Projet Impact Vert en Méditerranée – Des investissements positifs pour des impacts positifs
A.1 Développement des entreprises et des PME
A.1.1 Start-ups et entreprises récemment créées
Espagne, Liban, Palestine, Tunisie, Egypte, Italie